Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Red Maxi Dress

Everyone has a certain color (or two) that they hardly ever wear. Well, mines red. It's just not a color I typically wear. However, I saw this maxi dress and I just loved it, so I got it anyways. I was excited when I got this red hijab in one of my Hijabi Boxes from hijabibox.com and it matched perfectly! I decided to wear a belt with the dress since it doesn't have any elastic at the waist; its just loose and flows freely. I also put on my essential ivory vest from Hijab Louvre to complete the outfit.
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Maxi Dress: Francesca's
Essential Ivory Vest: Hijab Louvre
Hijab: Hijabi Box
Bracelet: Noonday Collection
Belt: I've had it for years

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