Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hijab-ista "Tulle Maxi Skirt" Review


I am loving neutrals right now. Especially rose, nudes, and blush. This rose colored maxi skirt is the perfect match for all of my neutral colored hijabs!
This tulle maxi skirt from Hijab-ista in rose is so stunning in person. It has just the right amount of tulle so that it flows beautifully, and its not clingy at all (it was just windy outside)! The lining is super soft and comfy, while still being thick enough that you can't see through it. Anyone else ever worry about that? Way too many "fully lined" maxi skirts and dresses can have this problem, but not these skirts! They have an elastic waistband that is concealed by the fabric of the skirt (it's not just a black elastic band), so it has a cleaner/more finished look and helps ensure it will fit. Not being able to try on clothing is by far the biggest downfall to online ordering, so elastic waistbands are great in my opinion. Hijab-ista carries these tulle maxi skirts in both petite and long lengths, which is a great idea. I love that they come in 2 different lengths, but I wish they carried all the colors in both lengths. The price of these skirts is great too! They are well worth it, just make sure to order the right length!

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Tulle Maxi Skirt: Hijab-ista
Hijab: Haute Hijab
Shirt: Express
Purse: Guess
Bangles: New Look
Pearl Bracelets: Gift

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