Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blues and White OOTD

For this outfit I wanted to keep all the colors matching the skirt. The blue hijab, the blue shirt, and the white jacket were perfect for this. This jacket is very light, so I am able to wear it when it is still warm outside, which is a huge plus where I live. I added the bracelet since it matched the silver buttons on the jacket. This silver cuff is one of my favorite bracelets right now. I will have to get a closer picture of it in a later post to show the beautiful details it has.
I got these shoes at the Crocs store in the mall, yes that's right, they're Crocs. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. I told my sister about them and she thought I was crazy for buying Crocs for shoes, (I would have thought the same thing). Once she saw mine and tried them on she changed her mind. They look like normal shoes, except they are extremely comfortable. I wear them when I know I will be walking a lot during the day.

Blazer: Kate Rosy
Skirt: Target
Bracelet: Noonday Collection
Shoes: Crocs Store

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