Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Red Maxi Dress

Everyone has a certain color (or two) that they hardly ever wear. Well, mines red. It's just not a color I typically wear. However, I saw this maxi dress and I just loved it, so I got it anyways. I was excited when I got this red hijab in one of my Hijabi Boxes from hijabibox.com and it matched perfectly! I decided to wear a belt with the dress since it doesn't have any elastic at the waist; its just loose and flows freely. I also put on my essential ivory vest from Hijab Louvre to complete the outfit.
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Maxi Dress: Francesca's
Essential Ivory Vest: Hijab Louvre
Hijab: Hijabi Box
Bracelet: Noonday Collection
Belt: I've had it for years

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hijab-ista "Tulle Maxi Skirt" Review


I am loving neutrals right now. Especially rose, nudes, and blush. This rose colored maxi skirt is the perfect match for all of my neutral colored hijabs!
This tulle maxi skirt from Hijab-ista in rose is so stunning in person. It has just the right amount of tulle so that it flows beautifully, and its not clingy at all (it was just windy outside)! The lining is super soft and comfy, while still being thick enough that you can't see through it. Anyone else ever worry about that? Way too many "fully lined" maxi skirts and dresses can have this problem, but not these skirts! They have an elastic waistband that is concealed by the fabric of the skirt (it's not just a black elastic band), so it has a cleaner/more finished look and helps ensure it will fit. Not being able to try on clothing is by far the biggest downfall to online ordering, so elastic waistbands are great in my opinion. Hijab-ista carries these tulle maxi skirts in both petite and long lengths, which is a great idea. I love that they come in 2 different lengths, but I wish they carried all the colors in both lengths. The price of these skirts is great too! They are well worth it, just make sure to order the right length!

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Tulle Maxi Skirt: Hijab-ista
Hijab: Haute Hijab
Shirt: Express
Purse: Guess
Bangles: New Look
Pearl Bracelets: Gift

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blues and White OOTD

For this outfit I wanted to keep all the colors matching the skirt. The blue hijab, the blue shirt, and the white jacket were perfect for this. This jacket is very light, so I am able to wear it when it is still warm outside, which is a huge plus where I live. I added the bracelet since it matched the silver buttons on the jacket. This silver cuff is one of my favorite bracelets right now. I will have to get a closer picture of it in a later post to show the beautiful details it has.
I got these shoes at the Crocs store in the mall, yes that's right, they're Crocs. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. I told my sister about them and she thought I was crazy for buying Crocs for shoes, (I would have thought the same thing). Once she saw mine and tried them on she changed her mind. They look like normal shoes, except they are extremely comfortable. I wear them when I know I will be walking a lot during the day.

Blazer: Kate Rosy
Skirt: Target
Bracelet: Noonday Collection
Shoes: Crocs Store

Friday, October 10, 2014

Coral With Floral OOTD

I am wearing the Maxi Jasmine Hijab in Coral from Hijab-ista. You can see my previous review of these hijabs by clicking HERE
I love the fact that this kimono is made of a thin light material, but it's not see through. I was able to wear it without having long sleeves underneath, which is so important when it's hot outside. I hate how many of the kimonos are transparent, just like those maxi skirts that only have the lining 1/3 of the way down, I cant stand that! Anyways, if your looking for a longer kimono that doesn't need the extra layering, I definitely recommend this one!


Hijab: Hijab-ista
Kimono: Choies
Neckalce: Kohls
Jeans: Hudson Jeans

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stripes and Floral OOTD

 This Haute Hijab Spring Fever Wrap is one of my absolute favorite printed hijabs, period. The colors are so bright and beautiful, and you have so many colors that you can match with it. I hope that they are able to restock it so everyone can get this print! On this day I wore it with my blue and white striped blazer, since I love the combination of stripes and floral. The rest of my outfit was white because I felt that I wanted to keep it simple due to the brightly patterned scarf and blazer.
I am so ready for it to start cooling off here, but for now I am wearing my lighter blazers as we make this transition into the cooler weather. I will begin to start wearing darker colors once the temperature drops. It's still frequently in the 90's here, which is why I am still wearing so many lighter colors.



Hijab: Haute Hijab
Blazer: Lorani
Layered Dress Top: Haute Hijab

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hijab-ista Maxi Jasmine Hijab Review

 I have officially found my new favorite jersey hijabs! These Maxi Jasmine Hijabs from Hijab-ista are amazing. Not only do they have tons of fabric to create plenty of folds and drapes, but they have this pinched thread at the top of the hijab that lets you wrap the hijab effortlessly. I hate when my hijab looks glued to my head (and this can happen a lot with jersey hijabs), but it is impossible with these Maxi Jasmine Hijabs thanks to the pinched thread. They stay in place all day, are extremely comfortable, and you can wrap them in multiple ways. I also love how they have nice finished edges, unlike many of the jersey hijabs I have seen. They also sell Jasmine hijabs as well, in case you don't like the maxi hijabs.
     In addition to selling tons of hijabs, Hijab-ista also sells underscarves, accessories, and clothing. They  are a small business, based in the U.S., and run by family and friends. They offer free shipping on all orders of $100 or more if your in the U.S., and they also ship internationally! Occasionally they offer free worldwide shipping on all orders of $49.99 or more, as well as flash sales, so make sure to connect with them on social media so you don't miss out! To find out more go to Hijab-ista.com
     I am wearing the Mint Maxi Jasmine Hijab here. I love the combination of blush and mint, even though it feels so 80's. I decided to wear a gray t-shirt dress instead of white because I wanted to break it up a little bit.
     Keep an eye out for how I style more of these Maxi Jasmine Hijabs in other posts, as well as a review of the Hijab-ista Tulle Maxi Skirts coming soon, I'A.


Hijab: Hijab-ista
Blazer: Kohls
T-Shirt Dress: Target
Necklace and Rings: Kendra Scott