Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stripes and Floral OOTD

 This Haute Hijab Spring Fever Wrap is one of my absolute favorite printed hijabs, period. The colors are so bright and beautiful, and you have so many colors that you can match with it. I hope that they are able to restock it so everyone can get this print! On this day I wore it with my blue and white striped blazer, since I love the combination of stripes and floral. The rest of my outfit was white because I felt that I wanted to keep it simple due to the brightly patterned scarf and blazer.
I am so ready for it to start cooling off here, but for now I am wearing my lighter blazers as we make this transition into the cooler weather. I will begin to start wearing darker colors once the temperature drops. It's still frequently in the 90's here, which is why I am still wearing so many lighter colors.



Hijab: Haute Hijab
Blazer: Lorani
Layered Dress Top: Haute Hijab

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