Friday, September 11, 2015

Striving For Modesty- Zig Zag Shrug

This Zig Zag Shrug from Striving For Modesty has become one of my essential pieces of clothing. I am someone who loves to layer (as most hijabis probably are). I have lots of clothes that are short sleeve or sleeveless and I am always looking for great cardigans, blazers, and jackets to wear over them.
I am also always on the lookout for long cardigans, since they can be worn with shorter tops to make them more modest. Well, this zig zag shrug is perfect for that!

In these photos I am wearing a sleeveless top, (well actually it was sold as a dress, but I call it a top). I don't usually like the look of having a long sleeve shirt underneath tops/dresses, so I prefer to laver over them instead. That's just my personal preference, but I feel it makes outfits have a more finished look to them, and less like "I had to wear long sleeves underneath a dress that is supposed to be worn alone."

This zig zag shrug is made of a thin material that is extremely soft. Most cardigans I come across are much thicker, which means I don't get to wear them most of the year. Since this one is thin I can wear it yearlong (yay)!

The zig zag shrug is available at Striving For Modesty in white, black, and royal blue, which you can see HERE. I love that these are what I consider "essential" colors, meaning they will match just about anything, which is what I am looking for when it comes to cardigans. It comes in size S-XL and is very loose fitting.

What makes this cardigan unique is the "zig zag" cut on the bottom of it. I am someone who loves these untraditional cuts on clothing. Who else loves them? This zig zag effect creates such beautiful drapes and flows perfectly while walking.

Visit to view these, as well as all the other products they have available.

Zig Zag Caridgan: Striving For Modesty
Zipper Edge Hijab: Vela
Top: Old
Sandals: Lucky Brand
Watch: Michael Kors

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