Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Raul E New York- Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation

I want to start off this post by saying that I'm really loving this liquid + powder foundation by Raul E New York. For someone with oily skin I feel this is the perfect fit.

Raul E New York is a cosmetic line that sells items that are loaded with vitamins and minerals and hypoallergenic.

They have some gorgeous eyeshadow colors, and some volumizing lispticks that look amazing!
Scroll down to see a few of the other products they carry.

I received the Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation and I absolutely love it. As mentioned above, the fact that it is a liquid foundation and a powder in one is awesome. Its oil free too, which is a plus for me, since my skin can tend to get oily throughout the day, especially in the warmer months. It has a matte finish to it, which again is much needed for oily skin. This foundation also contains antioxidants (Vitamins A,C, & E) and SPF (which is so important) since its helping to protect your skin while you wear it- major bonus points for that.

This mineral liquid powder foundation is available in 4 different shades (Country Beige, Honey Bronze, Pale Beige, and Porcelain). I have the color porcelain and it is the perfect shade for me. I was actually quite surprised at just how well the color matched my skin. When I swatched it on snapchat (amodernhijabi) you couldn't even see it because it matched my skin so well. It blends perfectly, and easily covers any imperfections.

This buildable foundation provides medium to full coverage and lasts throughout the day. It also can be used to create a no-makeup makeup look as well.
If you are looking for a great liquid foundation I would definitely recommend you give this one a try.

Below I have linked some other amazing products from Raul E New York- be sure to check them out

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