Monday, December 14, 2015

The Hijab Souq- Art Deco In Coffee

I know I'm someone who loves to wear colors, but lately I just haven't been feelin' it as much and I've been sticking to neutrals colors and softer looks most days. This outfit it the perfect example.

This look consisted of this gorgeous art deco hijab from The Hijab Souq. I just love the subtle ombre' colors in the hijab, along with the pattern on it. I paired it with this Mink Abaya from Inayah since the neutral colors blended together perfectly. I kept the hijab as the focal point of the outfit, and I just added a few small accessories to the outfit to add some extra details.

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Art Deco In Coffee Hijab: The Hijab Souq
Mink Abaya With Flare: Inayah
Watch: Michael Kors- On Sale HERE!
Necklace: Target
Clutch:  Gift

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