Monday, October 19, 2015

Star Wars and Ahfif

I'm thinking of starting a new section on my blog called "Weekend Wear" what do you guys think? My weekends are usually laid back and I typically wear casual clothing. This outfit is the perfect example of what I wear on the weekends.
Ahfif currently sells these leather trim scarves in several different colors. I love how the faux leather frames the face, and the cotton/viscose fabric combo is so soft and comfortable. The thickness of the hijab is just right for this time of year. This taupe colored one is probably my current favorite.

I wore a Star Wars t-shirt, because who doesn't love Star Wars??? I'm a huge Star Wars fan- I can't wait for the new one to come out this December! The t-shirt is short sleeves, and one of my favorite things to wear over t-shirts and short sleeve/sleeveless dresses is a denim shirt or jean jacket. When I wear t-shirts and shorter length tops I always wear a pair of very loose pants or a maxi skirt, since I don't like to wear tight pants with short shirts. These olive colored linen pants are perfect for that requirement, and they're sooo comfortable. It kind of feels like your wearing pajama pants, but your able to wear them outside without looking like a weirdo because they're actually pants. I added a link to the pants below- and the best part- they are now on clearance for $11.40! After seeing that newly reduced price I think I need to get some more of these, since they have become a pair of my go to pants during these last few months.

Taupe Leather Trim Hijab: Ahfif
Linen Pants: SO

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