Wednesday, October 21, 2015

1 Outfit - 3 Styles


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Instead of doing a typical OOTD post, today I wanted to do something a little different. In this post I show how I created multiple looks using some of my "essential" clothing items. We all have those pieces of clothing that we wear over and over again. They call this the 80/20 Rule- meaning 20% of our shirts/clothes get 80% of the wear. That 20% is what I like to call my "essentials." Some of my essentials that have been getting the most wear recently are this Ahfif Extra Length White Oversized Top, Jeans, and a Blazer (this one is my favorite). For this post I am sharing how I created 3 different looks, each while wearing the three items I just mentioned.
By wearing different shoes and accessories you can create completely different looks with the same pieces of clothing. At first I was planning on using a different scarf for each look in this post, since something as simple as wearing a different scarf can make your outfit look drastically different. I then decided that using the same one would work best since it would show even more versatility. This "Blue My Mind" hijab from The Hijab Souq was the perfect scarf for this post.
Not only do I love the colors and the print on this gorgeous scarf, but it has these tassels that work perfectly for wearing it as a neck scarf as well. The Hijab Souq sells tons of gorgeous viscose scarves that are perfect for wearing as both hijabs and neck scarves. It's just now starting to get cold and I'm so excited to finally be able to wear neck scarves again.

To see this scarf and more visit
Don't forget about the free shipping offer they have on orders over $50 to the U.S. and Canada

To see my previous review of The Hijab Souq Click HERE


This first look is a rather standard look. I'm wearing the The Hijab Souq scarf as a hijab, and by wearing a pair of heels with the blazer it dresses up the outfit. Shoes really can make all the difference.

Bracelet: Chico's
Sunglasses: Target


This second look is definitely a more edgy look. Even though I'm wearing the same clothing as before, it looks like an entirely different outfit. All I did was change out the accessories, swap the heels for some boots, added a turban and then wore the same scarf around my neck instead.

Ring and Earrings: Kendra Scott
Bracelet: Old
Boots: Gia-Mia
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


I know, I know, this isn't technically a third look, since all the accessories are the same as the second look. The only real difference is how I wore the neck scarf. Even though it's the same, by wearing the scarf like this I feel it creates a different style and it has a slightly different look.

"Blue My Mind" Scarf: This Hijab Souq
Extra Length White Oversized Top: Ahfif
Blazer: Lauren Conrad (Not Recently)
Black Jeans: Earl Jean
I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which look is your favorite, and if you would like me to create more posts like this one.

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