Monday, August 15, 2016

Milani Cosmetics Review


After trying out the cosmetic company Milani, I was pleasantly surprised by several of the items. Below I've listed a brief review of each of the items.

Rose Powder Blush in Tea Rose- The color of this blush is beautiful, and its perfect if your just wanting a hint of color on the cheeks. Also, can we take a second to talk about how gorgeous the rose detailing is!? Looks aside, the product is ok- it's not great, but not bad either. Of all these Milani products this one did the least to impress me. Don't get me wrong, it applies nicely and its a gorgeous color, but all the other products went above my expectations, while this one simply met them.

 Amore Mattallics Lip Crème in Matterialistic and Chromatic Addict- These are some serious metallic liquid lipsticks. They provide AMAZING color. However, I definitely think that you need to prep your lips (with a scrub and moisturizer) before applying this. If you don't, it can dry out your lips quickly, but if you take the time to make sure your lips are ready to go beforehand you shouldn't have a problem, even if you have naturally dry lips. The product does take a little while to fully dry (I feel the "Chromatic Addict" color takes longer to dry than "Matterialistic"), but once its dry it lasts for quite awhile. I was able to eat and drink without it coming off, which isn't always the case with lipsticks.

Baked Bronzer in Soleil- I really love the color this bronzer gives. It has just the right amount of shimmer, and isn't too dark for my skintone. This is the darker color of the 2 choices for this particular bronzer. It comes with a brush, which is nice for on the go, but I generally use a different brush with it. This product is perfect for getting a sun kissed glow in seconds!

Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Collection  in Bare Necessities- Out of all these Milani products this would have to be my favorite for several reasons. 1. The colors are gorgeous, and they are the perfect neutral/natural looking colors. 2. I love how they apply. They are a pressed powder, but when you take the brush to the palette, is easily becomes a loose powder, but you don't get fallout when you add it to you eyes. I hate when you have to try hard to get the product onto the brush, and that's not the case with these. 3. This is the PERFECT SIZE palette! I went to SoCal and this was the only eyeshadow palette I took, its perfect for travel, throwing in your makeup bag, and also for holding when you apply your makeup.


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