Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Hijab City- Swarovski Initials Jersey Hijab

 Warmer weather is in full swing here in Texas, and that means its time to break out all the summer clothes.
I'm wearing the Swarovski Initial Jersey Hijab from The Hijab City
That's right, you can get these hijabs customized to include your initials- how cool is that!? I went with this perfect nude color jersey hijab, but they also have a variety of other color choices, plus viscose hijabs you can get initialed.
I've included a close up of the initial detailing down below.
Also, I have to say that this hijab is really great at fighting wrinkles. I pulled it out of the package and I seriously could have almost worn it without ironing it first (and I probably would have if not taking photos, lol). That NEVER happens, hijabs almost always come with lots of wrinkles from being folded, packed and shipped. In addition to being semi wrinkle proof this hijab is extremely soft, I absolutely love it.
My outfit was definitely matchy matchy on this day (I tend to do that sometimes). I absolutely love this oversized shirt, and all oversized shirts for that matter, especially for the hotter months. I stuck with lighter color palette since it was pretty warm outside. I then added the lace up heels to give the outfit a more femine look.
Enter the code "Amodernhijabi" at checkout on to save 10% off your order.
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