Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Cup of Dee Review

A Cup Of Dee is a online hijab store based in Singapore. The company was established in 2014 by Dee (hence the name A Cup of Dee). They sell the cutest hijabs, and they have even started selling several maxi skirts and t-shirts too.

Not only do they ship worldwide, but the shipping costs are extremely low. Shipping prices are as if ordered from the U.S. That never happens with overseas shipping! Also, shipping is extremely fast- I couldn't believe how quickly I received my package!

A Cup Of Dee sells a bunch of hijabs on Instagram @acupofdee that aren't on the website (they go too fast to stock)! The way it works is that every Sunday Dee will begin posting photos of the hijabs that are available in that weeks collection. When you see the ones you want you send her an email at letting her know which ones you would like to purchase. She will then send you an invoice and all the payment details. I recommend following her on Instagram (@acupofdee), so you can stay up to date and so you don't miss out on the hijabs.

Hijab: A Cup of Dee
IG @Acupofdee

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