Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ahfif Review

Ahfif is an online store that provides modest clothing and hijabs at discounted rates. They carry several different brands, many of which you are probably familiar with, as well as up and coming brands. They are always adding new or limited stock items. They frequently have flash sales that last for 72 hours, in addition to the everyday online shop. Items can go quickly, so make sure to get yours before its gone! These drawstring pants and this waterfall cardigan are from Ahfif
     I absolutely love this waterfall cardigan. It has 2 long sides, which you can wear many different ways to create multiple looks. The pants are extremely soft and comfortable. Both items are of high quality, (which can often be hard to tell when you see items on a website). I know I'm not the only one who has ordered something online because it looked amazing, and then it didn't live up to your expectations once you saw it in person. Well, based on these items, (and a couple more that I will post up on the blog soon), I would not hesitate about the quality of any of the items sold on Ahfif.
The company is based in LA, and was started in 2013. They provide free 2 day
shipping to the U.S. (yay!). It's free join too! Find out more at
 Note: Keep a look out for how I wear this waterfall cardigan in another post coming soon!


Check out their website at

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