Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dina Torkia Long Lightweight Blazer

Super comfy and casual was what I went with on this day. A pair of white Birkenstock inspired sandals (my current faves), jeans, a layered dress top from Haute Hijab, and a Jamsine Maxi Hijab from Hijab-ista. AKA my everyday essentials.

I wore my Long Lightweight Blazer from Dina Torkia (Dina Tokio's clothing line) over the layered dress top, and yes these blazers really are lightweight! I love my blazers, but most are made of thicker material and not too great for the warmer months. However, this one was perfect, even during the middle of summer. Also, we all know just how hard it is to find longer length blazers, (so thank you Dina)! The only downfall to this clothing line is that several of the items are "One Size" and we all know that one size doesn't fit all. That being said, the Dina Torkia items are of excellent quality, and shipping is extremely fast, even from overseas!

I finished this outfit by adding some Kendra Scott Jewelry. Speaking of Kendra Scott, have you seen the newest collection!? So many gorgeous new pieces.

I will be posting more photos of Dina Torkia items soon in my upcoming posts. Check back soon ,or you can follow by email to see the posts as soon as they are uploaded.

Lightweight Blazer: Dina Torkia
Hijab: Hijab-ista
Shirt Dress: Haute Hijab
Necklace and Ring: Kendra Scott
Shoes: Target

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