Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MyBatua Kaftan

Kaftans are one of my favorite articles of clothing for summertime (not to mention during Ramadan). This kaftan from MyBatua has recently become one of my favorites! It keeps you cool during hot days, and it doesn't cling to you at all.
This one (called the Muskan Kaftan), features a beautiful teal embroidery on the front, as well as teal sides and teal ties in the back. I love the combination of the teal color with the light gray.

Another great thing about the MyBatua kaftans is that you don't have to guess your size- lets face it, determining which size to order is one of the hardest things to do when ordering online. These kaftans are designed to fit a size XS to a 2XL thanks to the adjustable ties in the back. Even better, you get to choose the length you want when ordering! I have to hem a lot of my clothes, so I found it to be extremely helpful getting to choose the length. I used the "suggested abaya/jilbab length" in the Size Chart when ordering mine, and it was the perfect length to wear with a pair of low wedges.

In addition to kaftans, MyBatua sells abayas, hijabs, skirts, and more clothing items, including mens clothing. They also sell the cutest handbags for evenings out- hence the name MyBatua, since a "Batua" is a traditional string purse.

Make sure to check out MyBatua.com to see all the gorgeous kaftans and other items they offer

Muskan Kaftan from MyBatua

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